Boris fights back against the mainstream media hound dogs as he visits India. 

Last night the PM set off to India hoping to be bringing home a trade deal to the UK. During the flight, the press (Sky News, Beth Rigby) asked the PM if he were issued more fines by the police, would he be stepping down? The media seemed deflated as the PM said: “I’m not going to speculate. “I’m focused getting on with the job in hand”

Beth continued to quiz the PM asking, “So no circumstances at all?”

Boris didn’t hold back confirming that he wouldn’t be stepping down, but if they (the media) want to speculate and write fake news for the viewers, go ahead.

The PM responded: “Not a lot springs to mind at the moment Beth, but if you wanted to sketch some out l’m sure you could entertain viewers with some imaginary circumstances, I don’t propose to go into them. I can’t think of them right now.”

After being told the PM isn’t going anywhere, no matter how the media vilifies the him, the MSM continued with their oust Boris narrative.

Beth Rigby then attempts to use suggestions from a Tory MP (who most likely doesn’t like the PM), that Boris would trigger a vote of no confidence himself to put “an end to the matter.”

The PM responded, saying: “I think politics has taught me one thing which is that you’re better off talking and focussing on the things that matter and the things that make a real difference to the electorate, and not about politicians themselves.”

Beth continued to press on, using cheap shot questions to gain some sort of reaction from the PM (Most likely so they can say, he is losing his cool because he’s losing his support)

Beth said: “Partygate doesn’t matter?
“You’re better off talking about things other than politicians themselves.”

For a second time Boris was asked if he would contend the next election, the PM said: “of course”