Boris states he is ready to take action against the Northern Ireland Protocol once new legislation is introduced.

“Fixing” post-Brexit arrangements for the Irish border is something Boris Johnson has suggested the UK is prepared to do, according to reports.

Several of his ministers have been quoted as saying they are getting ready to introduce new legislation in the Queen’s address that would enable the government to turn off crucial portions of the Northern Ireland protocol.

During a news conference in India, the Prime Minister warned that the Protocol’s issues were “getting more acute”.

The accord, he said, was not backed by a majority of the people of Northern Ireland, and he indicated he would not rule out taking additional actions to resolve the matter.

No answers have been discovered despite months of discussions with the EU on prospective Protocol modifications.

The Protocol is a fundamental aspect of the UK’s divorce agreement with the EU and is intended to prevent a hard border on the island of Ireland after Brexit.

However, Northern Ireland’s Unionist parties have argued that the deal would have a negative effect on commerce between Northern Ireland and the United Kingdom.

Ministers will be given wide-ranging powers to suspend portions of the Protocol if new legislation is introduced early next month, according to sources.

He said: “I think it’s very, very simple and I think it’s about the balance of the Good Friday Agreement.

“Because of what is happening, I think it’s fair to say the Protocol really does not command the confidence of a large, large component of the population in Northern Ireland.

“We have to address that, we have to fix that – the very substantial diversions of trade. It’s going on and it’s getting more acute, we have to fix that and we can.

“We think we can do it with some very simple and reasonable steps and we have talked repeatedly to our friends and partners in the EU and we will continue to talk to them.

“But as I’ve said many times now, we don’t rule out taking further steps if that’s necessary. That’s the position but I’ve said that many times.”