Trump eyes up reversing Joe Biden policies “on day one when the next president sets foot in the Oval Office”

As the mid-term elections in the United States approach, Trump is betting on a landslide victory for the Republicans in Congress. 

During a speech before a large crowd at the Heritage Conference, Donald J Trump, the 45th President of the United States, claimed that if he wins the election, “The Biden Administration should be quickly reversed by a new Congress and every policy of the Trump Administration should be immediately restored on day one when the next president sets foot in the Oval Office, or even better, before!”

With some still believing that orange man is bad, the US is completely rudderless under Biden, and sadly for Joe Biden, his cognitive ability seems to be eroding on a daily basis. 

This has resulted in a dramatic drop in popularity for the President, who allegedly received the most votes of any President in history despite not campaigning. 

We’ll see what happens in November during the midterm elections, but one thing is certain: Trump, according to internal polls, will almost certainly win by a landslide.