Andrew Neil highlights that even with partygate Labour have nothing to offer.

As a result of the Partygate incident, Labour should be soaring above the Conservatives in the polls, according to Andrew Neil.

According to the Sunday Times’ previous editor, both Sir Keir’s policies and politicians are stifling Labour’s polling momentum.

He stated: “When Johnson delivered his big majority in December 2019, the Tories had a 32-point lead over Labour on the economy. Today they’re neck and neck (though to be fair, voters don’t seem to think Labour or the Tories are much cop at managing the economy).

“Partygate has merely reinforced the general perception that Johnson simply can’t be trusted. When pollsters construct a so-called ‘word cloud’ of words people most associate with Johnson, ‘liar’ is the clear leader.

“His personal popularity is down there with Gordon Brown’s when he was on his last legs as prime minister.

“Trust me, that is not a good place for any PM to be.”

But Mr Neil said Sir Keir was missing out on the kind of gains he should be making while the Tories are stumbling following the so-called “partygate” affair involving Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

He goes on: “And yet . . . the latest YouGov poll puts Labour a mere six points ahead of the Tories. One year into Blair’s leadership Labour was a massive 35 points ahead; at times his lead hit 40 points.

“After the Major Government’s humiliating ejection from the European exchange mechanism in the autumn of 1992, the Tories were never in striking distance of Labour again.

“With Labour’s current 39 to 33 percent lead, Starmer hasn’t even managed to get Labour support above the 40 percent essential for the huge swing he needs to win.”

In the Daily Mail, Mr Neil wrote said: “These mistakes happen when you have an inexperienced leader supported by an inexperienced team.”