Nigel Farage destroys Piers Morgan’s “fake news” interview with Donald Trump. 

On GB News, Nigel Farage dissects Piers Morgan’s interview with Donald Trump that was scheduled to appear on Talk TV. 

Even before it airs, the conversation that was published in the papers between Piers Morgan and the former president is already known to be fake news. 

To give the impression that President Trump rushed off the set, a teaser for the interview was crafted to seem like that. In fact, this was not the case at all. 

It was Nigel Farage’s audio clip that blew apart Piers Morgan’s trailer cut, showing the former president and Morgan thanking each other for their time as they left the interview room. 

It was stated that Caitlyn Jenner withdrew from her interview with Piers Morgan due to his dishonesty after seeing the interview’s single, overegged trailer. 

Piers Morgan’s interviewing credibility has been ruined but saying that after the Milly Dowler scandal where he was involved in hacking her phone messages and listening in, he has form for being a dishonest person.