SNP MP Ian Blackford tells David Lammy on LBC that “It’s over” for Boris…

In another effort from Scotland’s radical left, SNP MP Ian Blackford maintained his campaign to unseat Boris Johnson, trying to tarnish his reputation ahead of the May elections.

Leftist lovies David Lammy MP and Ian Blackford MP went after the PM during an interview on LBC at the same time as additional fines could be coming Boris Johnson’s way.

Despite Bo-Jo’s best efforts to carry on with the day-to-day administration of the country, the left, the media, and some of his own backbenchers continue to press for his resignation.

Even if the opposition parties in Westminster are having a field day with the Tory leader in terms of publicity, their polling remains flat, if not declining.

Though people are upset with Boris, People on the street have continued to say that they would vote for Boris Johnson over Keir Starmer if an election were held tomorrow, despite the fact that Boris had cake and tea during the lockdown.