Former Brexit Party MEP blasted by Tory Lord over a tweet saying Boris lied on Brexit, “It’s a fact that he mislead and betrayed fisherman and good coastal folk.”

After failing to achieve proper Brexit, Boris Johnson has been blasted for “betraying” the British fishing sector. 

In the wake of “Partygate,” the Prime Minister is facing demands to resign, even from inside his own party. 

June Mummery, a Brexiteer and former MEP, stated that whether he deceived Parliament on this point or not, he has a lot to account for in terms of his implementation of Brexit. 

In a Twitter post, she said: “It’s a fact that he mislead and betrayed fisherman and good coastal folk. He lied through his teeth, he promised to take back control of our waters and the resource. Our ocean is a terrible danger of overfishing, 1,700 EU vessels, unmonitored, hammering our waters.”

In reaction to this Tweet, Tory Lord Moylan hit back at June saying: “If you didn’t spend all your time ranting pointlessly on Twitter and got behind him to resolve N Ireland, you’d probably get the fishing sorted too. Nobody else is going to do it for you.”

June then returned: “Ranting pointlessly, how dare you, how rude are you for a Lord.

I have no platform and my twitter followers are a tremendous support to me.

So you admit the fishing needs sorting out too.

“I support @benhabib6 who imo opinion along with @CatharineHoey have done tremendous work.