Dominic Cummings states Biden is “mentally frail” and “rubbish”

In part of the latest Substack from Dominic Cummings, he goes into what control the deepstate has, and if their is anyone out there that could control them. 

During his substack post, the former ally to Boris Johnson, Dominic Cummings slams Biden saying he is rubbish, and if he was to die the VP would be even worse. 

Dominic said: “Biden is rubbish and will deteriorate. 4 years of him will be bad, 8 will be worse. Many bad trends will deteriorate the longer he is there. If he dies the VP will be even worse. 

“Biden is Biden. He’s rubbish relative to the level of Bill Clinton or Obama. The Obama campaign and White House staff told people over the years that he was not a serious figure. He was marginalised by Obama’s staff for good reasons. And he’s old, mentally frail (putting it kindly), clearly even less up to the job than in the 1980s, and getting older/frailer. Biden will be an even worse candidate in 2024 than he was in 2020.

Mr Cummings then slams the Dems, saying their a bunch of “deranged” activist.

“The Democratic Party is firmly in the grip of a generation of activists deranged by Ivy League insanity, BLM etc. It will not be able to focus usefully on serious issues until that mad energy has burned itself out. Even if it did the White House could not make the DC supertanker turn more than a fraction.”

Dominic Cummings also turned on Trump stating that while he is more competent  than Biden, he didn’t stand up to the swap while in office and states he is weak to tackle them head on a second time round. 

Dominic states: “Trump has good reasons to run again. Structural factors mean Trump, despite being Trump, will start close. His chances of winning in 2024 are, now, higher than most realise, partly because the media exaggerated the competence of the Biden administration in its zeal to trash Trump. 

“Whether Trump wins or loses his candidacy will be terrible for everybody. He demonstrated no interest in actually controlling the government. He didn’t drain even a corner of the swamp, he just annoyed it.”