Migrants in Calais say they’ll stay in France after finding out they’ll be sent to Rwanda on a one way ticket if they enter Britain illegally.

The Daily Mail reported that the migrants in Calais who have been waiting months to get across to Britain on a small boat have said they’ll stay in Calais after finding out that they would be flown to Rwanda on a one way ticket out of the U.K. if they came to Britain illegally.

It was reported that one of the migrants, Hamid Karimi, 34 said: ‘I’m not going to the UK if afterwards I’m sent to Rwanda. I’m staying here. I’m not going to Rwanda.’

This quote really does sum it up. If there now advantage for them to come to Britain illegally, then they will not make the trip across the English Channel.

Another group of migrants with their eyes set on the UK also said they don’t want to go to Rwanda as they will get beaten or even killed.

They said: ‘We came from Africa – we don’t want to go back,’ said Mohammed Noor, 34. ‘Nobody wants to go to Rwanda. If I go, I will finish my life. In Rwanda I won’t get a good life. I have come here for Europe and for the UK.’

Though the new migrant policy has hit Home with migrants in France, lefty human rights lawyers remain a thorn in the side of the government after they claim it goes against human rights to deports migrants who enter Britain illegally.