Citizen reporter Steve Laws claims villages are being set up to house asylum seekers.

A citizen reporter who has been reporting on the Channel Migrant crisis for years has released a video saying the Rwanda plan set out by the government is all smoke and mirrors. What was very eye-opening about this video is the snips of film which was spoken about, stating that the former RAF base in Linton-on-Ouse is to be set up as a “asylum village”.

When we checked out to see how valid these claims were, we came across this news article by the BBC which stated: “Linton-on-Ouse (Former RAF site) would be part of that system and the Home Office said it was working to transform the North Yorkshire site to ‘provide safe and secure accommodation for asylum seekers while their claim is considered’.”

Resident of Linton-on-Ouse were said to be upset about these plans. The Conservative MP for the town said: “I have been assured the time limit for any asylum seekers to remain at the site will be 180 days and I have ensured the minister is clear this must be stuck to, to ensure those waiting for decisions are not unduly delayed.

“It is crucial those being processed are housed in suitable and appropriate settings, with recreation and social facilities to enable those individuals to live as normal a life as possible.”

This asylum/migrant centre doesn’t seem to be the only one as the BBC news report states “He (Tory MP) added he had spoken to other MPs who had similar facilities in their constituencies and he said initial concerns about the impact on residents had not ‘been borne out in practice’.”