Durham Police to re-examine Keir Starmer drinks and takeaway lock-in during lockdown.

According to Guido Fawkes, Durham Police will re-examin Labour Leader Keir Starmer after he was caught on camera at the Durham Labour constituency office enjoying a late-night lock-in, drinking beers, and eating takeaway with several of his buddies during lockdown.

This report came only days after Keir Starmer slammed Boris Johnson over the so-called “party-gate” (cake and tea) controversy at Number 10 during the lockdown.

His own MPs ordered the hypocritical socialist leader to quit hammering the Party-gate tale because they knew he was just as guilty as Boris.

Letter featured on Guido Fawkes

Some news agencies have stated in recent days that the unwillingness to investigate Beer-gate was allegedly down to the Labour Police and Crime Commissioner for Durham at the time supposedly drinking drinks and eating takeout with Keir Starmer on the night.

Despite the fact that the Labour PCC has denied the claims, Guido Fawkes says that Durham Police will now re-examine this event. “What’s good for the goose is good for the gander,” as the old adage goes.