Former Tory MP who was found guilty of child molestation sat on an advisory border to tackle grooming gangs.

According to the Guardian, while being investigated by police for child molestation, an MP offered advice to the government on how to prevent child sexual exploitation.

A policy paper titled “Group-based child sexual exploitation characteristics of offending” was written by former Wakefield MP Imran Ahmad Khan as part of a group of specialists in the subject of gangs.

A team of sexual exploitation experts had online sessions with him in July, September, and November of 2020. In a statement to Staffordshire police in May 2020, he reportedly admitted to assaulting a minor.

It is unclear to the government and Home Office why he was assigned to a group dealing with child safety at the same time as being probed by police.

Home Secretary Priti Patel publicly announced that the man who claimed he was assaulted in his own house had been on a panel of experts for over a year. 

As Khan was expelled from the Conservative Party earlier this month following his conviction, questions have been raised about why the party failed to record and then notify the Home Office about the molestation charges they received in 2019. For the Conservatives, “We have discovered no record of this complaint,” a spokesman said. 

According to a Home Office spokesperson, neither Patel nor the Home Office had any previous knowledge of these charges against Khan. As an MP, “Mr Khan was asked along with several others to peer review a Home Office research paper. 

Imran Ahmad Khan has since been found guilty of molesting a 15 yr old boy and faces a jail sentence. He has stated that he will be giving up his seat in Parliament, but so far, he hasn’t resigned as an MP.