Bang to rights – How did Angela Rayner think she could keep her lockdown party truth from voters?

After Labour pummelled Boris Johnson with shame and guilt, it seems they themselves were also breaking lockdown rules. When asked if the deputy leader was with Keir Starmer during his beer and pizza party in Durham, Labour spokespeople stated that Angela Rayner wasn’t there. 

This was later found out to be a lie after social media posts found that both Keir Starmer and Angela Rayner had the same background in videos that were posted. After an investigation led by the Daily Mail, they pieced together their story to prove that Angela Rayner was with Keir Starmer in Durham.

It was said that on the afternoon of Friday, April 30th, 2021, Rayner was canvassing in Birmingham. She later travelled up to Durham, still wearing the same dress, to meet with Keir Starmer. 

The video, which went viral on social media, capturing Keir with a beer, was taken an hour after Ms Rayner and MrStarmer both published videos on social media to their supporters. 

A fellow Labour colleague, Nick Thomas-Symonds confirmed the live Labour event after he published a message on Twitter saying ‘Tune in 8.30pm-9pm tonight for Labour’s Get Out The Vote “6 Days to 6th May” rally with Keir Starmer, Angela Rayner and special guests.’ 

The video can still be viewed on Facebook.

Sitting in a small room, in the Miners’ Hall in Durham, Keir Starmer addressed his fellow comrades over social media. The reflection in the mirror on the mantlepiece showed a distinctive window. This is where Rayner’s denial of being in Durham fell apart, as the same mirror and window appeared in the background when she addressed her supporters on the same online event. 

When the video showing Keir having a beer went viral, Keir and his party were asked if Angela Rayner was with him on the night. They replied, ‘Angela wasn’t there.’ Yet on Thursday, after being given video evidence by the Daily Mail that caught Angela Rayner banged to rights, the Labour Party had to uturn from their previous position of denial, saying that she actually was there. 

Labour then said it was “an honest mistake” to say the deputy leader wasn’t there when she was. This admission wasn’t one of honesty, rather it was one of covering their backside after being found out.