Angela Rayner told to stop using “unreliable” figures to prop up Labours local election campaign.

Angela Rayner has been told to cease repeating “unreliable” assertions that Britons are £2,620 worse off due to rising living costs.

After the Deputy Labour Leader tweeted about increasing costs and their impact on people’s wallets. In a tweet posted by Labour shadow ministers, Ms Rayner claimed the Conservatives had left individuals £2,620 worse off. says Ms Rayner’s allegation is false.

“This looks to be the same deceptive claim we reviewed twice before,”

“This appears to be the same misleading claim that we have checked twice before,”

“We requested Labour to cease using it.”

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The amount was determined by aggregating five expected price hikes for the ordinary family this year, according to Labour Party sources. In a statement, the group said: “Some of these estimations are unreliable.”

“Labour has also failed to account for increased pay and benefits in monetary terms.”

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Full Fact says Labour has not discontinued nor removed its use of the indicated figure. The cost was determined by adding taxes, electricity, fuel, food, and mortgage charges.

An increase in taxes of £1,060 would be followed by increases in electricity, fuel, food and mortgages.

The organisation claims determining increases is difficult owing to varied personal situations. Predicting changes in living standards is difficult, especially when inflation estimates are volatile.

“Estimates will also vary depending on the methodology being used.”

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