Thousands of Britons have died as a result of the “ideology” behind Brexit, according to a remainer. 

Political activist Femi Oluwole said in a video posted on Twitter that “Boris Johnson has effectively admitted that BREXIT IDEOLOGY killed thousands of people during Covid.”

Mr Oluwole said: “(This) means the Tories’ failure to lockdown on time was affected by their public opinion.” He included a footage of former Health Secretary Matt Hancock stating how the UK’s Covid reaction was “based on the science.”

He then showed clips of Prime Minister Boris Johnson saying in 2020 that Covid restrictions should have been implemented sooner because the UK is a “freedom-loving country,” before showing clips of the Prime Minister during the Vote Leave campaign saying to “ignore the pessimists and the merchants of gloom.”

Mr Oluwole said that both failed to “save lives,” saying, “Tory ideology was incompatible with what was necessary to save lives, and the Tories wrongly assumed that the entire country shared that ideology.”

“And as a result we ended up with the worst excess death rate in all of Europe and 150,000 people dead.”