If Sinn Fein wins in Northern Ireland, it will be a “catastrophe” for unionism and the UK.

It would be a disaster for the United Kingdom if Sinn Fein wins in Northern Ireland, former Brexit Party MEP Ben Habib said. He said that we would “lose the United Kingdom,” which “means a lot” to those who grew up with the Union Jack. 

Mr Habib commented: “If Sinn Fein win, it’s a catastrophe, I think, for unionism and we will be facing a call for a border poll. 

“And it is high time that Westminster and the Government, in particular, got behind the union of the United Kingdom. 

“Let’s not forget that it only exists because of Great Britain and Northern Ireland being in union. 

“If we lose Northern Ireland, we lose the United Kingdom, we become Great Britain, and we lose the saltire of St Patrick in the Union Jack. 

“For those of us who were brought up under the Union Jack, that matters a lot. So, it’s high time this Government took notice of what’s going on in Northern Ireland.” 

A border vote in Northern Ireland should never have been contemplated by the British government, he said. 

He went on to say: “The control of that was in our Government. It had to get behind unionism before these elections. 

“They’ve sat on their hands. Lord Frost sat on his hands. Having concluded that article 16 [of the Northern Ireland protocol] needed to be invoked he actually did absolutely nothing about it. 

“Liz Truss has done exactly the same thing. And Brandon Lewis, the night before the election, scotched any hope that legislation would come forward in the new Parliament, neutering aspects of the protocol.”