Senior Conservatives say Boris Johnson must pressure Chancellor Rishi Sunak to lower taxes or remove him.  

The Prime Minister is also facing requests for an emergency budget to combat the rising cost of living. The Tories want Mr Sunak to rescind last month’s national insurance hike to assist promote economic development. 

The Tories lost nearly 400 council seats throughout England, including Barnet, Wandsworth, and Westminster in London. Even if Tory MPs believed the results were not terrible enough to send additional no confidence letters, Mr Johnson needed to do more. 

The Telegraph reports that people on the doorstep have repeatedly mentioned “partygate” and the expense of living, and that Number 10 must react by lowering taxes. In a Times Radio interview, former Conservative leader Sir Ian Duncan Smith said his party would lose seats at the next general election unless it moved immediately. 

He said: “The government now has got to bite the bullet on this one and accept the fact we cannot both tighten monetary policy and fiscal policy at the same time, because that is hurting people,” he said.

“We need to cut taxes to give people more room to ride out the shock of the cost of living crisis.

“The Treasury has been wrong on its demand that it has to have National Insurance rise.

“We don’t need to raise National Insurance and we should cut that.

“We need a Chancellor that will do these things and therefore it’s up to [the] Government as to how that’s delivered.”

Speaking to the Telegraph, Sir John Redwood said that Mr Sunak is “making the UK the only advanced nation to react to a global cost of living problem by boosting taxes”. 

Marcus Fysh, a Tory MP, claimed the “current team” couldn’t “deliver” and he’d been “trying” to reach Mr Johnson for “3 years.” 

“I do not think the current team is capable of delivering a successful economic policy for the country ,” he claimed. 

“The current set-up isn’t working and it needs to be changed. I’ve been trying to speak to the PM for three years.

“I will be speaking to colleagues about what needs to happen.”

Mr Johnson should quit, said Tobias Ellwood, chairman of the Commons defence committee. He told the BBC the Conservatives were “haemorrhaging support” in certain areas. 

“I think we’re kidding ourselves if we think everything’s okay and we don’t need to learn from what is going on. He said.

“We are haemorrhaging support in parts of the country”

The local election fiasco would be “another nail” in the Prime Minister’s coffin, but no fresh no confidence letters were expected, one Tory MP told The Telegraph. 

“We’re going to face death by a thousand cuts lasting until autumn. I don’t think you’re going to be looking at a confidence vote next week or for some time, but we will have one eventually because the sheer weight of events will force it.”