Gone into hiding? – Keir Starmer cancels key speech event.

Sir Keir Starmer has withdrawn (cancel’s) from an event that was supposed to be his time to present his (Labours) programme to the international press and UK voters as the Beergate issue heats up.

This event was scheduled to take place before the Queen’s speech as a publicity gimmick to promote his views on how Labour’s vision would benefit the United Kingdom. This was a spectacular failure, since it was cancelled.

Keir seems to have cancelled this crucial appointment with ‘The Institute for Government’ as he faces a police inquiry into his pre-arranged curry and beer bash in Durham.

After his first answer, “the police have already investigated this matter and found nothing,” failed to halt the police inquiry, Keir Starmer’s staff seems to have gone into damage control mode.

When large-scale events are cancelled, it usually indicates that the party leader is in difficulty, since he is aware of the consequences of his actions.

The Institute for Government originally advertised this event on their website, however it has subsequently been cancelled, with the note “we hope to rearrange at a later date.”