Leaked Documents revealed Keir Starmer pre-planned his curry night with Labour activists.

After it was revealed that the curry he shared with colleagues during lockdown had been prearranged in advance, Labour leader Keir Starmer was accused of “hiding the truth.” 

In a leaked document, plans for “takeaway” from a nearby restaurant were laid out. Last week, Sir Keir stated that the dinner, which is presently the subject of a police investigation, had been a spur-of-the-moment occurrence. 

“At some point, this was in the evening, everybody was hungry, and then that takeaway was ordered,” he claimed. In a document that includes a timeline of events, Spice Lounge’s takeout will be ordered at a certain time from 8.40 to 10 p.m.

Sir Keir is expected to return to a hotel around 10 p.m. According to him, everyone at the meeting “got on with their work” after eating, although this seems to contradict his statement. 

“COVID alert level: National lockdown,” reads the note’s heading. 

It is very evident from the letter that Labour Deputy Leader, Angela Rayner (also known as AS), would be in attendance. Initially, Labour denied that she was there, eventually conceding that she was present and taking part. 

“If reports are correct that this was a pre-planned inside drinks and dinner event, then it’s clear the Labour leader has been hiding the truth from the British people,” said Conservative MP Richard Holden, whose complaint to Durham Police started their probe. 

“This isn’t a case of a memory slip -it’s a case of deliberately misleading the people.

“Even after 15 years in politics, I’m shocked that Starmer, Rayner, and the Labour Party think that the rules don’t apply to them and that they’re above the law.”

Despite this, Durham Constabulary confirmed on Friday that it had opened an inquiry into accusations that Labour leader Keir Starmer and activists took a break from campaigning in last April’s Hartlepool by-election by eating and drinking in the office of MP Mary Foy. 

To make matters worse, Sir Keir indicated in January that Boris Johnson “should do the decent thing and resign” since police had concluded there was enough evidence to support an inquiry against the Prime Minister. This puts him in a tough position now. 

Mr Johnson, his wife Carrie, and Chancellor Rishi Sunak were subsequently fined by London’s Metropolitan Police for attending a Downing Street birthday celebration. 

A Labour spokeswoman said: “Keir was working, a takeaway was made available in the kitchen, and he ate between work demands,”

“No rules were broken.”