Lord Frost claims London has been “left with no choice” than to alter the NI Protocol or abandon it entirely.  

Lord Frost informed Nigel Farage that the UK government has been forced to tackle the Northern Ireland protocol because the EU would not change its stance on Brexit. 

Former Brexit negotiator, Lord Frost, criticised the EU for refusing to speak with Boris Johnson on the Northern Ireland protocol. 

Lord Frost claims London has been “left with no choice” than to alter the Protocol or abandon it entirely. 

Lord Frost told GB News: “I think it was a deal that could have worked with delicate handling on both sides, sensitivity to the need for cross-community consent in Northern Ireland.

“That was always going to require a degree of sensitivity on the EU side that hasn’t been there.”

He added: “I think much of the EU doesn’t understand the niceties and the details and the history of the issues in Northern Ireland and in the end, I think they prioritise protecting their own single market over the Belfast Good Friday Agreement and that that is the problem.

“Whatever the rights and wrongs of how we got here, the protocol has to change or disappear. I think there’s now no option, much better to do by negotiation if the EU will do it though if we read in the paper they’ve just said that they never will change their negotiating mandate and negotiate with us about it. So I think we’re left with no choice.”