Lord Hannan warns the EU. “The UK Government has no option but to suspend parts of the Northern Ireland Protocol”

In the wake of Russia’s barbaric invasion of Ukraine, the negotiations on Brexit trade arrangements in Northern Ireland have been put on the back burner.

Because the accord isn’t working, Foreign Secretary Liz Truss and her colleagues, led by the British delegation, have called for a change.

Several times, the UK has brought up Article 16 of the agreement, which may lead to significant chunks of the terrible pact being repealed or perhaps the whole protocol being removed. 

In light of the fact that both the United Kingdom and Europe are grappling with the problem of growing cost of living crisis, such a move would be met with harsh retaliation from the EU.

Lord Daniel Hannan, a backer of Brexit, says there are many people who favour delaying certain parts of the protocol since the EU is still “grumpy” over Brexit.

The former Tory MEP, now Lord Tweeted:

“The UK Government has no option but to suspend parts of the Northern Ireland Protocol.

“It cannot undermine the stability and prosperity of the province simply because the EU is still grumpy about Brexit.”

In an interview with On the Sophy Ridge, Mr Raab agreed with Daniel Hannan and said that the government will do “whatever is necessary” to fix the protocol problems.

The protocol disagreement, he said, has “imperilled” the stability of Northern Ireland.

When speaking to Sky News, Mr Raab said the following: “We will deal with the situation. We will take whatever measures are necessary to protect the economic as well as the constitutional integrity of Northern Ireland.”