Nigel Farage clashes with insulate Britain representative who blames Britain for global CO2 emissions.

Concerned about Britain’s past involvement in greenhouse gas emissions, Farage engaged in an argument with an Insulate Britain representative. 

Former Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage lashed out at Insulate Britain’s Craig Scudder for trying to portray Britain as the world’s most historically “guilty and culpable” polluter on while being interviewed on GB News.

Speaking to the Insulate Britain spokesman, Mr Farage said: “I understand you believe this very strongly, I respect the fact you’ve got that view, I may not agree with that view and even if I did, I’d say Craig go to China and protest because that’s where the action is.

“You know as well as me we only produce one percent of global CO2, but that’s by the by.”

“Who started the industrial revolution Nigel?,” replied Mr Scudder. 

“Oh, look, I’m not going to apologise for what we did 200 years ago,” snapped the GB News host. 

Mr Scudder continued: “Historically per capita, no one is more guilty and culpable as us.”

“We’ve got fewer volcanoes and they put out a fair bit of CO2 as well,” snapped Mr Farage.