Backbenchers blast Boris Johnson over the lack of tax cuts in the Queens speech.

Boris Johnson’s decision to keep the social care fee has infuriated backbenchers. 

The tax is set to go into effect in 2023, with a 1.25 percent increase in national insurance contributions.This news comes after the Queen’s Speech, which did not include any new tax cuts. 

There were no pledges to decrease VAT in Mr Johnson’s agenda or address. It cautioned the government that promising to “reform taxes tomorrow” would not assist those who are suffering now. 

Meanwhile, the Adam Smith Institute has accused Mr Johnson of not providing “immediate solutions to the cost of living crisis.” 

For weeks, backbench Tory MPs have been pressuring the government to adopt tax cuts. 

Mr Johnson should “reverse the National Insurance increase,” veteran Conservative backbencher Peter Bone told Express after the Queen’s Speech.

The tax, which is paid by both the employee and the employer, is a “disincentive for people to take on employees,” according to the MP for Wellingborough. 

As the cost of fuel continues to grow, he also called on the government to reduce the amount of VAT on energy. 

“I think the Chancellor should be looking at all sorts of ways to get the economy to grow and that’s the key,” Mr Bone told Express. 

“Because we need to have the economy growing and more people in work.” 

“Because if you have more people in work, even if tax rates are lower, you finish up with more tax taken.” 

“We’ve seen the Queen’s speech today and there’s a lot of talk about legislative bills,” he said, “but the truth of the matter is that many of these are in the hands of the Chancellor by cutting taxation rates.” 

“By a whole raft of measures we can get the economy to grow.

“I’m worried that there’s too much concentration on ‘if we stick taxes up we’ll get more money in’.

“Well, the rate of tax is only one element – it’s the size of the economy that dictates how much tax comes in.

“We should be doing what we can to get the economy to grow.”

Furthermore, former Brexit minister and major COVID critic Steve Baker told the Express that the UK “desperately needs growth.”

“From where we are today, tax cuts will always be welcome,” he remarked. “can the Chancellor balance the books? 

“We desperately need growth and of course that means lower taxes.”