Both Labour and Conservative MPs go at each other over “Beergate”

On Cross Question, Iain Dale was joined by Labour MP Christian Wakeford and Conservative MP Richard Holden, who discussed Beergate.

Mr Wakeford reminded listeners that Sir Keir Starmer has consistently said that no rules were breached during a break from work in Durham, when he and his Labour colleagues had curry and beer.

The Labour MP went on to say that since Labour leader Keir Starmer has promised to quit if he is issued a fixed penalty notice, “it’s clear that Keir holds himself to higher standards.”

Firing back, Richard Holden said, “Actually, I don’t understand what standard he’s holding himself to.”

Mr Wakeford then questioned whether Sir Keir’s promise implies that Boris Johnson should rethink his stance after receiving a punishment of his own and with other investigations into alleged rule-breaking still ongoing.

“The Prime Minister has paid the price; he’s paid the fine and apologised to the house.”

When Sir Keir called for the resignations of Rishi Sunak and Boris Johnson because they were under investigation for violating their own regulations, Mr Holden said that Sir Keir “set himself a different standard,” therefore “changing his position” doesn’t look good.

“He won’t stick to what he holds other people accountable for.”