EU Vice President, Maros Sefcovic, refuses to compromise on the Northern Ireland Protocol. 

As the Northern Ireland Protocol continues to generate tension, the Foreign Secretary conducted a last-minute meeting with her EU colleague this morning. 

The EU Commission Vice President, Maros Sefcovic, refused to compromise on the issue,  

A representative for the Foreign Office said: “The Foreign Secretary outlined why EU proposals would take us backwards, by creating more checks and paperwork.”

“Vice President Šefčovič confirmed that there was no room to expand the EU negotiating mandate or introduce new proposals to reduce the overall level of trade friction.”

“The Foreign Secretary noted this with regret and said the situation in Northern Ireland is a matter of internal peace and security for the United Kingdom, and if the EU would not show the requisite flexibility to help solve those issues, then as a responsible government we would have no choice but to act.”

UK legislation to overturn portions of the Protocol might be introduced as soon as next week, according to reports.