John Redwood MP lashes out at the BBC for their bias Anti-Brexit propaganda.

In response to a segment in which a “pro-EU expert” discussed the Northern Ireland Protocol, Conservative MP John Redwood lashed out at the network. 

Sir Jonathan Jones, a former permanent legal secretary, was featured on the BBC’s Prime Minister’s Programme earlier this month. Evan Davis, the host of the show, posed the question:”What would you advise the [EU] to do in reaction to the British government doing something unilateral and probably illegal?”

Sir Jonathan said, “Well, we know the EU would be very cross if that happened, and it is understandable that they would be very cross because this would be an illegal act.”

“By definition, it would be a unilateral act and it would very severely damage the relationship that we will continue to need with the EU post-Brexit.”

“And that kind of reaction would be justified on the part of the EU.”

In reference to the UK government’s plan to unilaterally take action over the dreaded Northern Ireland Protocol, Sir Jonathan was pointing to the resulting delays, grocery shortages, and higher prices for enterprises operating in Northern Ireland.

Mr Redwood wrote on Twitter: “The BBC PM programme had a pro-EU expert to help tell us how the EU could defeat the U.K. to perpetuate the damage the EU is doing to the Good Friday Agreement.”

“No attempt to explain the Unionist case or to balance with a statement of the U.K. government’s legal case.”