LIVE NEWS BLOG – Friday 13th May 2022


19:15 – Chief Union official threatens mass walkout after Boris is set to axe 91,000 civil servant jobs. 

Angry over Boris Johnson’s proposals to eliminate nearly one-fifth of Whitehall’s workforce, union leaders planned a strike of civil servants today.

There will be up to 91,000 job cuts over the next three years to save £3.5billion and give the Government more room for a tax cut for struggling families before the next election.

His top staff was summoned to a ‘cost of living’ Cabinet meeting in the Midlands yesterday, when he ordered them to come up with methods to reduce Whitehall’s workforce by a month.

Downing Street today did not rule out the possibility of forced redundancies, but a spokeswoman said it is hoped that many of the cutbacks may be achieved by ‘natural wastage.’

Union leader Mark Serwotka said that an emergency meeting of the PCS executive committee would be held next week, saying:’Our members will not be the scapegoats for a failing Government. We have our conference in 10 days’ time. Taking national strike action is very much on the table.’

16:24 – Lord Frost blasts US President “sleepy” Joe Biden, saying the UK “doesn’t need lectures” on the Northern Ireland Protocol.

16:00 – Keir Starmer is in a right mess – The Wakefield Labour Party executive committee resign en masse amid differences over candidates for the by-election.

12:08 – Jacob Rees-Mogg refers to the BBC Licence fee as a ”comfort blanket” that is ”suffocating” the broadcaster.

Jacob Rees-Mogg, a Conservative Minister, has referred to the TV licence fee as a “comfort blanket” that is “suffocating” the BBC.

Using the term “declining asset,” Rees-Mogg called out BBC Director-General Mark Thompson for his support of the TV licence fee. To put it another way, he contrasted public broadcasting’s stagnant revenue with that of private media companies like Netflix and others. TV licence fees are being challenged as obsolete and ineffective, and the BBC is being compelled to defend its existing financing arrangement.

11:50 – John Redwood MP lashes out at the BBC for their bias Anti-Brexit propaganda.

11:34 Tory MP calls for an investigation into the Bank of England after they “comprehensively underestimated the inflationary threat.”

09:34 – EU threaten major retaliation on the UK if London attempts to pull the northern Ireland Protocol.

As the EU continue to threaten to retaliate and punish the UK for daring to pull away from the Northern Ireland Protocol, a caller on Talk TV stated ”The EU is using Northern Ireland as a political football”

The caller went on to say that the UK need to pull the plug on the protocol and then deal with the EU after.

08:21 – Former SNP MP, Natalie McGarry, judged guilty of embezzling £25,000.  

07:25 – Jacob Rees-Mogg was quizzed about the Northern Ireland Protocol. Jacob was asked if the oven ready deal needed to be “twice baked?”

Jacob said “we’ll it depends what you mean by oven ready?”

“Very often, if something is oven ready, like an oven ready turkey, you want to have the roast potatoes and bread source, which needs to be home made.”

“And what we need is the roast potatoes and the bread source, and that’s dealing with the Northern Ireland Protocol, which the treaty itself says it is subject to renegotiation.”