Poll suggests Labour is losing support due to Sir Keir Starmer’s “beergate” controversy.

The latest Techne UK/Express tracker poll shows that Labour is losing support due to Sir Keir Starmer’s “beergate” controversy, but Boris Johnson has failed to capitalise on the upheaval enveloping his opponents. 

Out of 1,634 respondents surveyed, the Conservatives received 34% of the vote, while Labour received 39% of the vote, down one point from last week’s tracker poll. Liberal Democrats, who made the largest gains in municipal elections last week, have increased their support by one point to 11%. 

When Sir Keir threatened to quit as Labour leader for violating the rules at an event in Durham in April last year, this comes as a timely reminder of that threat. Boris Johnson has been cautioned, however, that he may only have until October to get a handle on his administration after a dismal Queen’s Speech. 

A rising number of people believe that Sir Keir is unfit to lead Labour to victory at the next election, particularly because he is still under investigation for lying about an April 30th event in Durham. 

With Angela Rayner and campaigners, he tucked into more than £200 of curry and beer during the occasion. 

Labour first denied Rayner’s presence and said the event was spur of the moment, but a document revealed otherwise. 

Claims that Sir Keir “lied” and is a “hypocrite” for stating the Prime Minister should be dismissed for even being probed by the police have led to accusations. 

Covid rule-breaking charges against Labour leader Keir Starmer are currently the subject of a huge incident room in Durham police headquarters.