A Labour source states the PLP are “Shi**ing themselves” over being fined for Beergate.

After being told that there is a 60% chance of Keir Starmer escaping a fine from Durham Police for the beer and curry he had with colleagues during lockdown, a Labour insider told Guido Fawkes that they are really “sh***ing themselves” over being fined for Beergate.

An unnamed source told Guido that not only has Keir Starmer put Lord Falconer in charge of getting Keir Starmer of the hook with Beergate, he also stated “They’re sh*tting themselves, he’s told people he will have to go if he’s fined.”

“I don’t think there will be much dissent from the PLP on that so long as Rayner is fined too. He’s put his fate in the hands of the police and lawyers now.”