Sadiq Khan told to get back to London to sort out crime rather than “schmoozing” in the US.

An accusation levelled against Sadiq Khan is that he’s “schmoozing” when the Tube is undergoing “financial turmoil” and violent crime in the city is “hurtling” towards near-record levels. 

There’s been a recent trip to the United States by London Mayor Sadiq Khan to promote the city’s tourist industry, he says. However, Charlie Peters, a writer and broadcaster, branded the trip a “vanity project” and urged Mr Khan to focus on domestic issues rather than “gallivanting” overseas. 

For his comments on free speech in the United States and in particular Elon Musk’s claim to have ended President Trump’s Twitter ban, Mr Khan was also slammed, according to Mr Peters’ statement. 

He retorted: “Although Khan claims he is in the US to ‘bang the drum for London’, Trump-bashing has been a recurring theme of his tour. Addressing students at Stanford University, Khan blamed Trump for a rise in racist abuse on Twitter.

“He also said Trump should not be allowed to return to Twitter when it is taken over by Elon Musk, calling on tech companies to use their algorithms to shut down more ‘hate speech’ online.

“Just think about all this for a moment. In London, the Tube is in financial turmoil, violent crime is hurtling towards near-record levels and nihilistic stabbings have become depressingly common.”

“Meanwhile, our mayor is in California, trying to get US tech firms to restrict more free speech on the internet.”