Greenpeace protestors prevent oil tanker holding 33,000 tonnes of Russian diesel from docking at Navigator Terminals in Grays, Essex.

Greenpeace UK protesters stopped a Russian fuel tanker from landing at Navigator Terminals in Grays, Essex, on Tuesday. At least eight people were arrested because of their actions.

Greenpeace protestors prevent oil tanker holding 33,000 tonnes of Russian diesel from docking at Navigator Terminals in Grays, Essex.

After Greenpeace protesters attacked a tanker dock, the Andromeda ship holding 33,000 tonnes of Russian diesel, was forced to reverse course late last night in waters near Gravesend and Northfleet. The tanker was scheduled to arrive at Navigator Terminals soon before midnight. Some activists were able to breech the terminal and climb the docking structure erecting placards reading “OIL FUELS WAR” around the perimeter.

The protesters were angry at the UK government for letting money from fossil fuels go to Vladimir Putin while his soldiers continue to do a lot of damage in Ukraine as part of Russia’s war there.

Essex Police said they received a report from Oliver Road just after 11 pm Sunday night. Several more people are being brought to safety as a result of the police department’s collaboration with other agencies. Currently, officers are doing their best to “resolve the situation quickly and safely.” 

In a statement Essex Police stated: “We were called to the site in Oliver Road shortly after 11.05pm yesterday (Sunday 15 May).

“So far eight people have been arrested on suspicion of aggravated trespass and we’re working with our partners to bring a number of others to safety.

“Our officers are currently working to resolve the situation quickly and safely.

“Policing is not anti-protest, but we must intervene where there is a risk to life or where there is a suspicion laws are being broken.

“We are hoping this will be resolved safely and swiftly so that our officers can get back to protecting and serving the people of Essex.”

Activist Georgia Whitaker, an oil and gas campaigner with Greenpeace UK, stated:”The UK’s attachment to fossil fuels has backfired in the worst way possible – we’re funding a war, our energy bills and fuel costs are sky-high, and we’re driving the climate crisis. It has to stop.

“Putin invaded Ukraine nearly three months ago, and yet fossil fuel money from the UK is still funding his war chest.

“Ministers have kicked a ban on Russian oil imports to the end of the year despite strong public support for it.

“To stand up to Putin, bring bills down and tackle climate change, the Prime Minister must get us off fossil fuels as fast as possible, stop ludicrous energy waste from our substandard draughty homes, and prioritise cheap, clean, homegrown renewable power.”

An embargo against Russian-flagged and -owned ships has been put in place by the United Kingdom.

However, Russian fossil fuel continues to arrive on ships belonging to other nations notwithstanding this step.

According to Greenpeace, this ship is registered in Greece, but the cargo on board comes from the Russian port of Primorsky.

It is claimed that the LLC KINEF refinery is supplying the gasoline and that the buyer is Vitol, an energy and commodities dealer.

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