Opinion – They say nothing can be done to ease the cost of living crisis… Well I’m not buying that. 

They say nothing can be done to ease the ever-increasing cost of living crisis. Well, I’m not buying that.

Opinion – They say nothing can be done to ease the cost of living crisis… Well I’m not buying that. 

So many politicians are banging the same drum, repeating the same narrative, as if it’s the pre-scripted thing to say, “Nothing can be done to ease what’s happening because inflation is global.”

What’s more upsetting is the politicians’ unwillingness to attempt to ease what’s happening.

This crisis has shown the calibre of politicians, which, in my opinion, is substandard and they are nothing more than doers for the world elite, rather than doers for the people. (They ask for our vote in return for pie in the sky promises, only to be let down time after time while they carry on pushing their globalist plan).

I’m convinced that what we are seeing is a controlled demolition of the current monetary system, hoping it causes so much pain financially, that people will eventually beg for their great reset (new monetary system) to be implemented.

These people (elite) have rinsed this country by the billions under the guise of the COVID pandemic and the war in Ukraine (like they say, never let a good crisis go to waste) all the while the people are suffering. The politicians are so detached that they don’t realise that they are messing with people who are already angry, and when more people eventually can’t afford to heat their homes or eat, they will awaken to the fact that we have been sold down the river, and that’s when I believe people will unite.

How we get out of this mess is uncertain, but one thing is for sure, there is always something that can be done if someone has the guts to change course and start putting the people’s agenda front and center.

Unfortunately, the current crop of politicians seem to be already bought and paid for, meaning that, for the time being, unless orders come from above to change course, they will continue on this downwards spiral as ordered.

What are your thoughts on this? 

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