Tory MP has a public ding dong with a Channel 4 News reporter.

News Links News has learned that a ding dong has been going on between Channel 4 News reporter Cathy Newman and Tory MP Brendan Clarke-Smith.

Tory MP has a public ding dong with a Channel 4 News reporter.

This fall out started after the Tory MP claimed that what was written on Twitter by the news reporter shouldn’t have been put in quotation marks, meaning he claimed he didn’t state what Channel 4 put.

The Channel 4 news reporter wrote on Twitter: “Partygate: ‘I’m certainly content backing a lawbreaker in office,’ says Tory MP Brendan Clarke-Smith”

Fortunately for the Tory MP, a tweet emerged showing a video of what was said in the interview, and it emerges that the Channel 4 News reporter over emphasised what he said.

The Tory MP said “I certainly am” after being asked if he was “content to back a lawbreaker in office”, not what the lying C4 News channel quoted which was “I’m certainly content in backing a lawbreaker”.

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