Lord Frost fires a warning: Tory ministers “will not survive” if they continue on with this devastating economic path.

Lord Frost told ministers they “will not survive” if they don’t address the current devastating economic situation.

Lord Frost fires a warning: Tory ministers “will not survive” if they continue on with this devastating economic path.

Inflation in the UK is soaring. Energy bills will exceed £3,000 by the end of the year, and unions threaten strike action.

Pundits say the situation is comparable to the 1970s under Labour. Jim Callaghan handled Britain’s stagflation and winter of discontent.

Boris Johnson reportedly claimed that many in his Cabinet can’t recall the past. Some weren’t born until the 1980s.

Lord Frost said ministers would fall if they didn’t control soaring bills.

“I’m not in Cabinet any more, but I remember it.”

“Strikes, power cuts, rubbish piled on the streets, and a pervasive sense that Britain’s problems were too deep-rooted to fix.”

“It did for the Callaghan Government.”

“Any Government presiding over the same will not survive either.”

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Lord Frost warns the government they will not survive if they continue on the current economic path.

James Callaghan’s government was overthrown by Margaret Thatcher in 1979. This put Labour in the opposition for 18 years.

Yesterday’s Cabinet meeting at No 10 focused on the economy. Downing Street said: “The Prime Minister said the public were understandably anxious about global cost of living pressures and that the Government would continue to support those most in need.”

They added: “The PM reminded Cabinet that figures published last week show unemployment is now down to its lowest level since 1974 at 3.7 percent.”

“He also highlighted that youth unemployment is at or near record lows and the number of employees on the payroll is back at pre-pandemic levels.”

“The PM said that while this was fantastic news and shows we’re heading in the right direction, there’s still a huge amount of work to be done.”

“He added that this means being responsible with every pound of public money we spend, and making sure all our departments and the services they deliver are as efficient and effective as they can be.”

Johnson told his staff that the transport unions’ planned strike action has “no justification” and would “cause major difficulties for many across the country.”

The Prime Minister: “The Government would continue to support those most in need.”

Transport workers voted Wednesday for the largest train strike in Britain in decades, fearing food shortages.

The Rail, Maritime, and Transport Workers (RMT) stated that Network Rail and 14 commercial railway firms endorsed walkouts or action short of a strike.

The union called it the greatest backing for industrial action since the 1990s. Mid-June strikes are possible.

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