The Sue Gray Report should be shredded!

The Sue Gray report, according to readers on the Express website after the newspaper conducted its own survey, isn’t as important as Labour hopes. 

The Sue Gray Report should be shredded!

Voters were asked if the Sue Gray report was important in a survey that ran from Wednesday, May 25th, through Friday, May 27th. 

72 percent (3,674) of the 5,160 votes said it didn’t matter, while 28 percent (1,462) thought it did. Only 28 individuals said they were undecided. 

Many individuals commented on the survey, stating that the report should be shredded and that the political elite are just as corrupt as each other, and that they should stop distracting attention away from the present challenges that we face. 

This is a disastrous turn of events for the Labour Party, as attention now turns to their pre-planned party in Durham, where people are demanding a fair inquiry into Keir Starmer. 

Though Keir Starmer has gone to great lengths to argue that eating curries and beer isn’t the same as drinking a can of coke and eating a piece of cake. They both add up to the same thing in the public view. 

How do you feel about this? Do you care about Sue Gray’s report or should we move on?

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