“You’re just repeating the propaganda from Republic” Andrew Pierce clashes with an Anti-Monarchist.

In a clash over how much the Royal Family costs the state to keep them safe, LBC host Andrew Pierce, asks a caller where the evidence is to show the Royal Family costs the state £340,000,000 a year.

The radio presenter accused the caller of just repeating unverified figures from the anti-monarchy pressure group, Republic. The caller couldn’t name any sources or point the radio presenter toward evidence to back up his repeated claims from Republic’s unverified propaganda figure.

This on-air bust-up came after posters were placed on billboards around the UK on the eve of the Queens Platinum Jubilee by an anti-monarchist press group who are pushing for the Queen to be “the last.”

This move by the pressure group angered many people online with one saying “Oliver Cromwell tried in 1649 but he failed”
“Long Live the Queen”

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