Hunter Biden’s sordid internet activity come to light.

Hunter Biden allegedly shot and published his own pornographic films in the newest findings from his laptop.

Hunter Biden’s sordid internet activity come to light.

Hunter videotaped himself having sex with prostitutes in tapes obtained on a laptop allegedly abandoned by the US President’s son. He then uploaded them to the pornographic website Pornhub. Hunter’s addiction to porn was also exposed via internet searches over the course of a week in March 2019.

The Daily Mail received the searches, revealing that 98 of the 281 URLs in his browser history over six days in March were pornographic websites. The 52-year-old also looked for widow-related porn movies, including “lonely widow porn.”

The news comes after an ex-Trump adviser leaked more than 120,000 emails from Hunter’s laptop to the internet last month.

Garrett Ziegler, Mr Trump’s former head of trade and manufacturing policy, uploaded a total of 128,775 emails to his research group’s Marco Polo database. According to the group’s website, it specialises in “exposing corruption and blackmail.”

Images from Hunter Biden’s Laptop which Joe Biden said didn’t exist.

Hunter is still being accused of exploiting his surname to pursue offshore business dealings that might jeopardise his father’s reputation.

The accusations have been bolstered by the discovery of a laptop purportedly belonging to US President Joe Biden’s son. Before the 2020 presidential election, Mr Trump’s legal team disclosed specific facts from Hunter’s laptop.

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