Two elderly men attacked, with one thrown onto the train tracks by “laughing youths.”

In a shocking incident captured in Rochdale, Greater Manchester, two elderly men were attacked and beaten, with one man thrown onto train tracks by a group of “laughing youths”.

Two elderly men attacked, with one thrown onto the train tracks by “laughing youths.”

This incident happened on Saturday evening after a group of youths were asked to quit vaping by two men on the tram. Due to being asked not to vape on the tram, the youths decided to go on the attack laughing while they beat the two men.

One witness who posted the video wrote on Facebook, “Finish work and get off the tram to this! First old man got punched to the ground and the other thrown off, they’re literally kids and was laughing about it! Hope someone knows them and shows their families. Newbold tram stop! Literally hate going outside my house anymore.”

Later the lady who first posted the video went into more detail in the comment to the Manchester Evening News.

“I got off the tram and saw the kid punch the old man to the ground and started filming to get their faces. I wasn’t expecting the other man to be thrown off,” she said.

“Everyone, including the man who got punched, said it was because he had asked them to stop vaping on the tram and he got slapped whilst on there, then it spilled out into what I saw when the tram stopped.”

Greater Manchester Police later announced a probe is underway and that “positive action” will be taken against suspects.

“An investigation has been launched into an incident that occurred on Newbold Metrolink on Saturday, May 29. Two male victims were verbally abused then assaulted by a group [of] youths and they have sustained minor injuries,” Sgt. Matt Honey explained in a statement on Wednesday.

“The Kingsway and Kirkholt neighbourhood policing are leading the investigation and supporting the victims. Enquiries are still ongoing and we are working with Metrolink staff, Rochdale Council and local schools.”

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