Youths threaten violence on a train leaving Brighton after being told to be quiet by a mother with children.

A major fight broke out on a train on Friday night, with a gang of youths “threatened to stab everyone.”

Youths threaten violence on a train leaving Brighton after being told to be quiet by a mother with children.

Children could be heard weeping in the background as roughly ten lads shoved a screaming lady and her boyfriend down the aisle.

At about 10:10 pm on Friday night, Summer Thomas, a 20-year-old student from Brighton, was aboard the Thameslink train from Brighton to Cambridge.

She said the kids were “throwing beer bottles” at people and “shouting abusive language” at them before a mother with two children in the carriage urged them to be quiet.

After the group yelled and swore at his wife, the mum’s partner reportedly “smacked” one of the primary instigators in the mouth .

The two groups were separated after a struggle. Still, the situation deteriorated again when the youths pulled knives out and threatened to attack everyone on the train, according to Ms Thomas.

After the incident, Ms Thomas told the Mirror: “They were shouting abusive language, calling people the C-word, chanting and just picking fights with anyone. They clearly wanted to start trouble.

“There were two children in the same carriage, a family, so the mum of two kids went over to tell them to be quiet because they were swearing. She said it was really embarrassing and that she just wanted to get home peacefully.

“They started shouting at her, calling her the C-word, that’s when her husband walked over and gave the main instigator of the group a smack for swearing at his wife. That’s when I started recording.”

The sight horrified passengers, who attempted to inform the driver and even halt the train.

Continuing with her comment, Ms Thomas said: “When I stopped recording the fight was broken up, but then they started threatening to stab everyone on the train and pulling knives out.

“People were on the phone to police but no officers were turning up. Someone had knocked on the driver’s door. People were trying to find the emergency handle but no one could find anything.

“All of the boys got off the train at Three Bridges but one couldn’t find their phone, and was saying to people that if they had his phone they would get stabbed, but no one knew where it was.

“It was terrifying, you don’t really know in the moment what will happen.”

The video showing what happened was uploaded on Twitter. Soon after uploading the video, a spokesperson for the British Transport Police said the incident had been logged, and they were aware of the incident.

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