PM must demonstrate ”steel” and pull the NI Protocol.

Boris Johnson must demonstrate “steel” this week, according to a senior architect of the Good Friday Agreement, and not be afraid to pull up the Northern Ireland Protocol. 

PM must demonstrate ”steel” and pull the NI Protocol.

The former Ulster Unionist Party Leader Lord Trimble declared the government is “involved in a test of wills with the EU which it cannot flunk”. 

The Foreign Secretary, Liz Truss, is preparing legislation that would bypass the Irish Sea border and kick off yet another significant battle with the EU in the coming days. As a result of the new legislation, the province will no longer be subject to customs inspections between Great Britain and the United Kingdom. 

In reaction to the EU’s threats to launch legal action and renegotiate the Brexit trade agreement, ministers are bracing for a “bumpy” response. 

With the DUP refusing to re-enter Stormont until the protocol is overturned, Belfast has been paralysed. Despite his Nobel Peace Prize for his efforts on the Good Friday Agreement, Lord Trimble says it has been “trashed” and is “on life support” in Brussels. 


In a statement, the EU “formally repeats its support for the Good Friday Agreement, but there is no engagement with what that might mean in practise.” 

Former Brexit negotiator, Lord Frost, said that the bloc’s “casually destructive handling” of the protocol has put the peace accord “in great peril. 

According to him, “weakness” was a major factor that led to a “border fix” that “could only have worked” with “pragmatism” in its implementation. 

Commentary on the “illusion” of an all-island economy in Ireland comes from a Policy Exchange paper. Living standards in Ulster are 10% greater than those in the Republic of Ireland, according to a report from Northern Ireland’s Department of Finance. 

The province’s commerce with the Republic is “remarkably low,” according to the article, and it was given lower priority than its far stronger ties to the United Kingdom. 

A border between Northern Ireland and Ireland’s Republic was avoided by keeping Northern Ireland in the single market, with EU inspections on British goods moving over the Irish Sea.

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