Prince Charles criticises the UK Governments Rwanda Policy saying its “appalling”

As the first aircraft carrying refugees to East Africa is scheduled to depart next week, prince shar has reportedly privately denounced the British government’s plans to deport asylum seekers to Rwanda as “appalling.” Two media outlets have reported these claims.

Prince Charles criticises the UK Governments Rwanda Policy saying its  “appalling”

The Times and the Daily Mail say that the heir to the British throne, Prince Charles, has been heard criticising the plan.

In place of his mother, Queen Elizabeth, Prince Charles will be attending the Commonwealth summit in Rwanda. The Times reports that Prince Charles is reportedly worried that the British government’s migrant policy may dominate the event.

“He said he was more than disappointed at the policy,” a source told The Times.”

“He said he thinks the government’s whole approach is appalling. It was clear he was not impressed with the government’s direction of travel.”

When a spokesperson for Prince Charles was asked about these claims, the words reported by the media were not denied. 

The spokesperson said: “We would not comment on supposed anonymous private conversations with the Prince except to restate that he remains politically neutral. Matters of policy are decisions for government.”

People smuggling networks will be targeted by the British government. In April, it was made public that the UK government had made a deal with the African country to send thousands of people seeking asylum from the UK to Rwanda.

There are up to 130 refugees who may be deported to Rwanda, and over 100 of them have filed legal challenges to remain in Britain. The removal of at least 30 people from the nation is still scheduled for next week.

The High Court rejected an injunction against the migrant deportation plan on Friday, allowing the government to go forward with its plans. A legal battle to stop Tuesday’s departure was predicted, according to the report.

On Monday, human rights organisations will be able to file an appeal against the court’s ruling.

The British monarchy is supposed to be politically neutral under the country’s unwritten constitution. Throughout her seven-decade reign, Queen Elizabeth has resolutely kept her thoughts to herself.

Charles, on the other hand, has voiced his opinions on issues important to his heart, such as environmental protection, architecture, and the use of genetically modified crops.

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