EU Are Furious – Boris Johnson releases a new document setting out the alterations to the Northern Ireland Protocol.

As the stalemate continues between the EU and the UK regarding the Northern Ireland Protocol, Boris Johnson‘s government has released a document that sets out how the government plans on stripping out part of the protocol that has caused nothing but problems for Northern Ireland and the United Kingdom.

EU Are Furious – Boris Johnson releases a new document setting out the alterations to the Northern Ireland Protocol.

On the very first page of the document, which is titled “NI Protocol: The UK’s solution”, Boris Johnson’s government set out their objectives.

The document says: “The government has set out the range of issues caused by the Northern Ireland Protocol. These include trade disruption and diversion, significant costs and bureaucracy for traders and areas where people in Northern Ireland have not been able to benefit fully from the same advantages as those in the rest of the United Kingdom.”

“This has contributed to a deep sense of concern that the links between Great Britain and Northern Ireland have been undermined. This document outlines the UK’s solution—fixing the problems so that Northern Ireland can move forward, while protecting the UK and EU markets so that no-one loses out.”

With the flow of trade between mainland UK and NI being the PM’s top priority, four solutions have been set out in the document.

The government states that they will: Establish new “green channel” for goods staying in the UK—fixing the burdens and bureaucracy caused by the application of EU customs and SPS rules to all goods at present;

Establish a new “dual regulatory” model to provide flexibility to choose between UK or EU rules— removing barriers to trade and managing risks of future divergence between UK and EU rules;

Ensure the government can set UK-wide policies on subsidy control and VAT—overcoming constraints that have meant NI has not benefited from the same support as other parts of the UK;

Deal with the Protocol’s unequal governance, removing the role of the CJEU in dispute settlement and providing the means for UK authorities and courts to set out the arrangements which apply in Northern Ireland

Because this is being pushed along with the utmost urgency, the government says: “Given the urgency and seriousness of the problems in Northern Ireland, we will be bringing forward legislation that will enable the sustainable operation of the Protocol in line with these proposals.”

“In parallel we will seek proactively to achieve the same objectives through a negotiated settlement. Our legislation allows us to implement a negotiated agreement. In all scenarios we will remain committed to avoiding a hard border on the island of Ireland, and to respecting the EU’s legitimate interest to see its Single Market protected.”

According to Sky News, the EU is now furious with the UK government because Boris Johnson dared attempt to fix what’s been a deliberately awkward arrangement which was forced upon the UK by former PM May.

The EU has continued to say they will not be renegotiating any part of the NI Protocol, meaning this gives Boris Johnson the reason to act unilaterally.

Here is the full document. Have a read and let us know your thoughts.

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