Leftist politicians gloat at the grounding of the migrant plane to Rwanda.

After the ECHR overruled the UK Supreme Court and stopped the plane from taking migrants to Rwanda, leftist politicians took to social media to brag about their victory in stopping the government’s policy of deporting people to Rwanda.

Leftist politicians gloat at the grounding of the migrant plane to Rwanda.

London Mayor, Sadiq Khan wrote: “BREAKING: Tonight’s inhumane deportation of asylum seekers to #Rwanda has been stopped by the ECtHR – minutes before it was due to depart.

Sending people fleeing violence to a country thousands of miles away was already cruel and callous.

It’s now potentially unlawful too.”

Labour socialist, Bell Ribeiro-AddyMP wrote: “The defeat of the Government’s first deportation flight to Rwanda is a victory for compassion & common sense.”

“Instead of subjecting people fleeing war, persecution & climate breakdown to further upheaval & trauma, we should give them a chance to rebuild their lives in safety.”

Labour Socialist Diane Abbott wrote: “Thank goodness the ECHR has stepped in to block this flight. Dumping asylum seekers in Rwanda would have been unfair, cruel and completely contrary to our obligations under international law.”

SNP Nicola Sturgeon wrote: “Gratitude & respect to those who worked tirelessly to ground this inhumane deportation attempt tonight. The stress those on the flight have been subjected to though is unforgivable. 

Now we must get ready to resist the all out Tory assault on the ECHR that is surely coming”

Westminster SNP leader Ian Blackford wrote: “Thank goodness the ECHR is here to protect human rights and to stop the UK Government tracking vulnerable asylum seekers to a third country.”

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