Former Unite Union Boss states ‘Keir will not win’ after ‘failing miserably’ as Labour leader. 

As Labour leader, Sir Keir Starmer has “failed miserably” and “will not win” a general election even if it were called “next week”.

Former Unite Union Boss states ‘Keir will not win’ after ‘failing miserably’ as Labour leader. 

One of the most prominent trade unionists, and former leader of Unite, Len McCluskey, remarked that “nobody knows what Sir Keir stands for” and that a general election would be disastrous for him since he lacks a the viable alternative.

He also said that Prime Minister Boris Johnson was Sir Keir’s “greatest asset.” Johnson’s “extraordinary” behaviour gave Sir Keir Starmer a chance to present himself to the public as a politician who follows the rules.

He said that Boris Johnson’s antics didn’t change the fact that the Labour party has no position. This is because Sir Keir and the shadow cabinet have decided to “say nothing about anything” because they don’t want to have to go public with the costs of their ideas.

Mr McCluskey said, “Keir’s greatest asset at the moment, of course, is Boris Johnson.”

“And the constant shooting in the foot behaviour of the Prime Minister is extraordinary.”

“But it seems to be that Keir, who wants unity to be his most important thing, that he told me, has failed miserably since we have a divided party.”

“It also seems to me that his team around haven taken the view of ‘Let’s saying nothing about anything.”

“‘Let’s not talk about policies because we might get asked by the media to cost them’.”

“The reality is, of course, at the moment if there was a general election next week, even with the unpopularity of the Government, and in my opinion it won’t come until late next year, [Labour] will still not win. Keir will not win.”

“We have to win back our Red Wall seats, our heartland, and he won’t do it because at the moment nobody knows what Keir stands for, what his position is or what Labour stands for.” 

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