Russian gas flow to France cut off.

The French company in charge of gas transmission, GRTgaz, said on June 17 that gas flow from Germany to France had been stopped because Russian gas supplies had dropped.

Russian gas flow to France cut off.

GRTgaz predicted that France’s summer gas consumption would not be a problem. As of mid-March, the country’s gas storage facilities were at 56% of capacity, up from 19% at that time, according to the report. 

At some point on June 15, GRTgaz reported that the physical flow between France and Germany had been stopped. The operator of the country’s four regasification facilities has urged shippers and other stakeholders to prioritise storage replenishment, citing near-full technical capacity. 

It is not the first time that Gazprom has slashed supplies to Germany and Italy. All three nations have endorsed Ukraine’s EU membership ambitions at the same time that these disruptions have occurred.

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