RMT Boss – Strikes could spread to other sectors.

The leader of the RMT has warned that Britain is facing a summer of discontent, with more employees expected to be balloted on strike action, as a string of walkouts threatens to cripple the train network.

RMT Boss – Strikes could spread to other sectors.

Mick Lynch, who is the general secretary of the RMT, has said that strikes could spread to other sectors.

On Sunday, he told Sophy Ridge: “I think there are going to be many unions balloting across the country, because people can’t take it anymore.”

“We have got people who doing full time jobs who are having to take state benefits and use food banks. That is a national disgrace.”

As Grants Shapps accused the RMT leader of “gunning” for strikes,  Mr Lynch issued a statement denying this.

Mr Lynch has indicated that he and his union will continue to stage walkouts in protest of low wages, poor working conditions, and job losses.

Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, June 21st through June 25th, are the dates of the three-day strikes.

Network Rail, on the other hand, says that because of the strike, service will be messed up for six days.

Mr Lynch concluded by saying: “We don’t want to be the cause of disruption in people’s lives. We want a settlement to this dispute but we are facing a crisis for our members.”

“If we don’t play our hand thousands of my members will lose their jobs, railway services will be cut back , the safety regime that has been in place for a good deal of time will be cut back.”

“We have to fight this this.”

“Because we haven’t had any pay rises we are faced with thousands of job cuts and they want to rip out terms and conditions in a form of fire and rehire that’s internal to the railway It’s just as ruthless as P&O really.”

“We are available to negotiate.”

He also said that the transport secretary’s claim that the union didn’t want to meet on Saturday was “an absolute fiction.”

He stated, “He’s making it up. What he’s saying is untrue. There were no negotiations scheduled.”

“If there’s not a settlement we will continue our campaign.”

Mr Shapps told Ridge: “They are gunning for this strike action I am afraid it’s going to inconvenience millions of Britons.”

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