‘Stay Away’ – Labour MP’s defy Starmers orders as they join unions on the picket line.

Keir Starmer is said to be having trouble keeping Labour MPs in line after he refused to publicly condemn rail walkouts that were encouraged by unions and privately told MPs to ‘stay away’.

‘Stay Away’ – Labour MP’s defy Starmers orders as they join unions on the picket line.

The Express reports on Keir Starmer and Angela Rayner‘s disagreement over the walkout.

Ms Rayner distanced herself from Keir Starmer’s no-position posture on the walkouts, stating, “No one takes strike action lightly.”

“I will always defend their absolute right to do so for fairness at work.”

The Express claimed that socialist Labour MP Richard Burgon also defied Keir Starmer.

The Express wrote: “Richard Burgon, a former shadow cabinet minister under Jeremy Corbyn, said joining the picket line was the “right thing to do” for Labour MPs.

He said Sir Keir was “wrong” to ask his party,  founded by the trade unions, to stay away.”

The paper continued to say, “Sir Keir is under pressure to sack frontbenchers who joined the protest.”

“Kate Osborne, a parliamentary aide to shadow Northern Ireland secretary Peter Kyle, joined striking workers in Bromley, south-east London, saying: “I’m a trade unionist, I will always stand on the side of the workers.””

“Labour whip Navendu Mishra also joined a picket line, saying: “As a proud trade unionist, I stand with all workers on our railway network who are taking industrial action to fight for their jobs and keep passengers safe.””

With calls growing for disciplinary action against Labour MPs who joined the picket line, “Sir Keir is said to be waiting until the end of the industrial action before instructing chief whip Alan Campbell to deal with disciplinary issues.”

“Labour did not say whether or not the MPs could lose their frontbench roles as a result, with a spokeswoman saying: “Unlike the Government, our focus is firmly on the public.””

Could this be the beginning of the end for Keir Starmer’s term as Labour leader, with numerous Labour MPs rejecting Starmer’s orders?

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