LBC caller criticises ‘invisible’ Starmer over RMT strikes

Voters in the Labour Party are becoming frustrated with Keir Starmer’s “invisible” posture as he continues to keep mute about his views on the national rail workers’ strike.

LBC caller criticises ‘invisible’ Starmer over RMT strikes

A caller from Surrey named Michael attacked Starmer and criticised his leadership on the LBC Rachel Johnson Show.

According to a story in the Express: ”SIR KEIR STARMER has failed to “represent the workers” over the rail strikes and has become “invisible” because he is “scared the voters are going to go with Boris”, an LBC caller has claimed.”

“Michael from Surrey called into Rachel Johnson’s LBC show today and criticised the leader of the Opposition for failing to be a “champion for the people”.”

“The caller claimed Sir Keir had become “invisible” at a crucial point during the strikes and warned of worse to come as teachers, NHS workers and doctors could join the action.”

On LBC, Michael from Surry said: “Well, obviously the Government could have done more to sit down [with the RMT] but I am just disgusted with the invisible Keir Starmer.”

“He’s not representing the workers, despite the fact the Labour Party is renowned for representing the working class. At least, it initially was.”

“I think Keir’s done a bad thing by not coming out and being a champion for the people who are demanding more because it is not going to be long before the NHS does the same.”

“For the Labour Party that lost a majority of its voters to Boris because he was getting Brexit done, Keir is still scared the voters are going to go with Boris and not with him.”

Yet again, the grassroots of the Labour Party are turning on Starmer. The question needs to be asked, is this the start of the end for Starmer.

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