Attacks on men are up 59% in Khan’s London, while sex assaults are at their worst level in a decade. 

The number of sexual assaults in London is at its highest level in ten years, with attacks on boys over 13 increasing by a startling 59%. 

According to Home Office figures cited by the BBC, 7,500 women reported sexual assault to the London Metropolitan Police in 2021, while there were 924 sexual attacks on men and boys aged 13 and older that were documented by the police. 

In a Social media post, Claire Waxman, London’s Victims Commissioner said: “These record numbers are of great concern, as more rape victims will wait longer for justice.”

With a record crown court backlog and a chronically underfunded [Criminal Justice System], she bemoaned, “Govt’s ambition of improving rape charges and convictions hardly seems achievable now.” 

A spokesman for the Metropolitan Police told the BBC, “We know sexual offences have been underreported in the past and we have been working hard to increase reports to the Met in order for us to investigate.”

They continued, “The public is rightly less tolerant of these crimes and are speaking out,” as if to support the tired myth that increases in serious violent and sexual crimes are simply the result of “more people coming forward” to report crime that has always existed rather than a breakdown in law enforcement or social cohesion. 

Notably, the statistics provided by the Metropolitan Police do not even give a complete picture of sexual offences committed in the British capital, as some assaults may have been reported to the British Transport Police (BTP), which is in charge of maintaining law and order on a significant portion of the country’s public transportation system as well as the City of London Police, which is an independent force responsible for the Square Mile surrounding the Bank of England. Source to the story

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