Despite a slew of embarrassing blunders, bumbling Whitehall executives receive substantial bonuses.  

Despite numerous embarrassing missteps, Whitehall chiefs and other mandarins have received enormous bonuses.

They include representatives from the Foreign Office who, despite leaving thousands at the Taliban’s mercy, received bonuses of up to £10,000.

The director general, Thomas Drew, is one of them. When Kabul fell to the fanatics last summer, many of Afghans who had assisted or cooperated with Britain were left stuck there. 

Martin Jones, the head of the Parole Board, was likewise presented with performance-related checks despite releasing deadly criminals and rapists back onto Britain’s streets. 

Bosses at Homes England received up to £25,000 despite missing their house-building targets.

The Competition and Markets Authority’s top officials were also fined up to £20,000 for failing to address the inflation at the gas pump. 

“Taxpayers won’t tolerate these bumper bonuses for public sector bosses,” said Danielle Boxall of the Taxpayers Alliance.”

“Working families want to know that they are getting value for money from public services, not forking out for failing officials.”

“We are proud of our staff who have worked tirelessly on important areas of work, such as responding to the Ukraine crisis and helping over 15,000 people leave Afghanistan within a fortnight” said a Foreign Office spokesman. 

“Performance-related pay is a normal part of ensuring that civil servants are incentivised to deliver value as effectively as possible for the taxpayer.”

According to the CMA, performance-based bonuses are “awarded in line with Civil Service guidance.” 

Homes England’s top executive wages “reflect the significant responsibilities of the roles” and are “competitive in the market to attract the right talent,” according to a spokesman. 

The Parole Board chose not to respond. Source

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